How to Create Instagram Posts that Become Popular and Users Love to Follow?

“A picture speaks a thousand words” – you may be heard this popular saying. So, let’s make the most of its power to enhance customer experience. According to experts, the image-based platform of Instagram is the main reason behind its growing popularity. On various social media platforms like Facebook, posts get comments as twice as that of just links and texts. Around 90% of information transferred into our mind is visuals. So, our brain naturally prefers images more than anything else. So, you can easily harness the use of effective and hottest favorite virtual world and post some innovative photos on Instagram which can really make sales. Though Instagram is loaded with shoppers, it is not a shoppers’ stop. Here’s how to create amazing posts to increase sales without annoying the followers –

Don’t Put Pressure on Users

When it comes to buying something, buyers report maximum influence they got from is social media. Though social media shares from their friends are the #1 influence, around 38% of people agree that they got influenced by the social media presence of a brand, and 35% of them got influenced directly by retailers. So, your brand can say a lot here. Images let users make their own choice without having any pressure from the brands.

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