‘Counting On’: Jill Duggar’s Instagram is taking a weird flip

Jill Duggar has invariably been a bit odd. From nearly the instant she signed up for Instagram, fans have been noticing that the currently mother of 2 clearly has a tough time reading her audience. Most of the time, her awkwardness simply comes across as goofy, however every so typically she causes dispute. A few weeks back, Jill was at the middle of an argument once she shared a photograph that includes the kama sutra. The ultra-conservative Christian later noted that she (and her husband Derick) weren’t promoting the utilization of the text.

Either way, everybody was talking concerning it. It feels like Jill hasn’t learned her lesson. She took to Instagram Live, only one day after posting a tribute to her late relative-in-law, to debate more bedroom topics.

What is Jill posting to Instagram that’s inflicting such a stir?

Jill took to Instagram earlier these days to share another tip for married couples. She promoted an organization called DatingDivas in a series of stories. The posts informed fans of exactly what they would be obtaining if they signed up for the dating Diva’s community.

According to the company’s website, dating Divas is a group of women who work together in order to develop date concepts and marriage enhancing games for couples. The firm additionally works with alternative companies to market probably helpful merchandise. Currently, the company’s store includes everything from love calendars to sexy date concepts for every season.

Why is Jill sharing sexual wellness content?

There is nothing wrong with sharing sexual wellness tips; however it completely looks strange coming from the likes of Jill Duggar. After all, she did grow up in a family where modesty was of the utmost importance. She additionally appeared on 19 children and counting and counting on ; both shows openly mentioned the modest and chaise way the Duggar kids were expected to live.